Nate Diaz Upset Over UFC Situation And Current Contract

Nate Diaz
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Nate Diaz hasn't been happy about what's been going on under his current UFC contract and it's tough to argue that he's in the wrong. He notes plenty of times that he will fight anyone in the UFC but every time he requests a fight, he's being offered a new contract and he doesn't want that.

Diaz Goes Off In A Recent Interview

Nate Diaz
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Nate Diaz is starting to get so frustrated that he even said that he's been debating about leaving the UFC possibly in the next few years. It seems like everything that's going on is unfair from his perspective, but we're going to have to wait and see how this all plays out.

“I was trying to get this shit on the road, but they don’t want me out of contract and they’re keeping me in there and they’re holding me hostage,” Diaz said Tuesday. “And I want out. That’s my main objective here.”

“They don’t want to let me out of my contract,” he said. “They want me to fight Conor. I’m not fighting Conor McGregor right now. Our timelines aren’t matching up. ... You bring yourself back to life, and I’ll be back later.”

“I’m interested in everything,” he said. “I’m interested in activity. If he’s going to be the first one to step up, I’ll fight him. I’ll fight everybody. Anyone who wants to fight, I’ll fight that’s actually talking some s*** like Jake Paul.”

He Kept Going On and On

Nate Diaz
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Not only did Nate Diaz say all of what we already covered above, but he continued going on and on.

“In last meeting, [Dana] goes, ‘Let’s get you going, let’s talk in a few,’” Diaz said. “Him and Hunter ran out of the building. I was about to steal some s***. I went out in the back and took a piss.”

“I appreciate the UFC, but they’re valuing me in private, but I’m devalued in the public,” he said.

“I don’t want no more money,” Diaz said. “I want to go do different stuff. I went in there and talked to them, and it’s with all due respect. ... I might just re-sign afterward, but I need out.”

Will This Situation Get Resolved?

Nate Diaz
Wikimedia | TBMNY

It's difficult to say right now if the situation is going to get resolved. Obviously, Nate Diaz is probably going to get another fight, but it's going to take some time for this to happen. He could grow frustrated and ask to be taken out of his current contract.

This Situation Needs To Be Figured Out

Nate Diaz
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With how long this situation has taken, it's starting to be a bad look. They need to figure this out and get him back in the ring because he's one of the best in the sport.

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