MMA Stars Weigh In On Nate Diaz's Next Fight

Nate Diaz
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It has been reported that Nate Diaz is going to be fighting against Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279. Nate Diaz had some interesting things take place throughout the past few months, as there was even a possibility that he wasn't going to fight out the remainder of his UFC contract.

He's been one of the best MMA fighters throughout his entire career and it's good to see that they were finally able to work something out. The event is set to take place on September 10.

Gustafsson Backs His Friend

Nate Diaz
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Alexander Gustafsson noted that he thinks Khamzat is going to beat Diaz. He trains with him frequently in Sweden, so there's certainly some bias with this.

“He’s gonna do what he is doing all the time. Khamzat. He’s gonna go in there and beat him up. He is ready. You put him in front of him, he’s gonna beat him up,”

Jake Paul Thinks Diaz Is Going To Win

Jake Paul
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Jake Paul released a tweet over the week, stating that he believes Nate Diaz is going to win this fight. It's actually somewhat interesting that he decided to take Nate Diaz's side, but it's good to see that he's not showing any bias in his selection.

"Betr believe I’m putting my money on Nate Diaz to win versus fake Khabib."

Diaz Can Win This Fight

Jake Paul
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Nate Diaz has a legitimate chance of winning this fight. He's been one of the most prominent boxers throughout his entire career and has made over five million dollars from fighting in the UFC. At 37 years old, he's likely going at to be in the back end of his career, but he's managed to go 20-13 in his career and has the third most UFC bonus awards, tied with Joe Lauzon.

If he can continue doing what he's done throughout his career, he should be feeling confident about what he can do in this fight. It's not going to be an easy task, again, because he's 37 years old. Although he is 37, he's in great shape and should be able to compete in this event at a high level.

Good To See Him Fight Out His Contract

Nate Diaz
Wikimedia | DTH89

There have been some rumors that Nate Diaz wasn't going to fight out the remainder of his UFC contract. This is great for MMA fans and the UFC in general because he's one of the best to ever lace them up. Letting him go out without a final fight wouldn't be right and hopefully, things start getting better for both sides.

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