All-Time Great Boxer Floyd Mayweather Is Charging $1,500 For Online Video Meetings

Floyd Mayweather
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Some reports have come out over the past few years that Floyd Mayweather might be broke. It's interesting to hear these rumors considering the type of money the boxer has made throughout his career, but we have seen athletes blow their money before, so it wouldn't be the craziest thing if Floyd is looking to recoup some of his losses.

Floyd Joining Fanmio

Floyd Mayweather
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Floyd joined Fanmio and you now have the opportunity to meet him over a video meeting. This would be a one-on-one call, but it cost $1,500 to do so.

“I would love to invite you to Fanmio, where you can personally meet me, in a one-on-one video meet and greet. Now here’s your chance, to meet me, no matter where you at around the world. You can ask me anything, ask me about all 50 fights, ask me what’s my eating regiment, ask me what’s my best fight, ask me what’s my best knockout, ask me what I do every day, in retirement. To be the best, you must always work overtime. This event is unbelievable, you guys don’t won’t to miss out, I’ve got some exclusive pieces I will be signing just for this event. I can’t wait to meet you all, I want to meet your family, your friends."

Would This Be Fun?

Floyd Mayweather
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Meeting Floyd Mayweather would be one of the coolest and most enjoyable things that anyone could ever do. Considering the type of success that Floyd has found and his insane social media presence, getting to hang out with him would be a dream come true for many.

All Money Is Good Money

Floyd Mayweather
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No matter if Floyd is doing this to recoup his losses, this is still a very smart way for him to make even more money than he typically does. All money is good money and making more will only continue helping his career.

When Will Floyd Fight Next?

Floyd Mayweather
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Floyd Mayweather is set to take on Asakura in September. The event is going to take place in Japan, but a city and venue have yet to be announced.

It's going to be interesting to see how Floyd does in this fight. He's one of the greatest of all time and there's no denying that, but he is getting much older and doesn't have that same type of power and fight in his body. Still, he should likely be able to come away with a win if he does even half of what we're used to seeing from him.

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