Dana White Says Someone Will Get A Title Chance If They Beat Nate Diaz At UFC 279

Nate Diaz
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Dana White has announced that Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz will fight at the UFC 279 event. This is expected to be one of the best fights of the year.

White giving Khamzat a chance

Dana White
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Dana White noted that Khamzat is going to have a chance to fight for the title if he beats Diaz.

“It’s fair,” “I don’t ever do that sh*t, but yeah, it’s fair to say if he wins, that’s the fight to make. (Usman has) already beat everybody twice in the top whatever, so yeah, that makes sense.”

“You know what doesn’t make sense? 205. But you know what? Look what the guy has done. He said, ‘I want to go fight at 205.’ What am I gonna do? What am I gonna tell him, right? Why would you not give him the opportunity?”

“I did a bunch of media today, and everybody’s counting Nate Diaz out,” White said. “These are the kind of stories – it’s almost like you just saying to me earlier, it’s like people are counting Leon Edwards out. You can’t count anybody out. In this sport, you never know what’s going to happen. Anything is possible.”

Khazmat Chimaev is surprised that Nate Diaz took the fight

Dana White
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Khazmat is excited about the matchup and isn't sure if it's a good one for Diaz.

“Yeah, of course (I’m surprised), because he himself tells the interviews (this is) a bad matchup for him,” “Like, I can smash that guy easy. The guy is getting older. He’s not that guy that beat McGregor. He’s not that young guy.

“This is his last fight. He’s going to lose this fight and go do some boxing sh*t. I’ll kill him, I’ll kick his a**, and let him go.”

“He’s a warrior,” Chimaev said. “Nobody can take that away from him. He comes to fight until the last second. Like he said always, kill or be killed. He’s doing all the time. Respect for him to take the fight. It’s a bad fight for him.”

Josh Thomson says that Chimaev has a great chance of taking down Diaz:

“Chimaev is the worst matchup that he could potentially get. The reach – Chimaev is tall, long, lanky, all of those things. The wrestling, the strength – Nate Diaz is not strong. He does have power in his hands. He’ll be able to take Nate Diaz down at will. He’ll just dominate the top position. So I’m going to go with Chimaev, TKO.”

Diaz is going to come out hot

Nate Diaz
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Whenever someone is talking mess about Nate Diaz, he typically comes out and tries to hurt the person he's going up against. It's going to be interesting to see his remarks here shortly.

Who's going to win the fight?

Nate Diaz
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It's going to be interesting to see who ends up winning this fight. Considering that both of them are two of the best in the world, we will have to see in order to truly figure out who's going to win.

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