Women's AEW Stars Thunder Rosa And Dr. Britt Baker 'Can't Stand Eachother'

Thunder Rosa
Wikimedia | CrewmasterAllen

Reports of drama and backstage issues in AEW have permitted the news in recent weeks. It seems no star in the company is without their beef.

CM Punk and "Hangman" Adam Page reportedly do not like each other. These reports came out following CM Punk's reportedly unplanned shots at the former AEW World Champion.

It also came out that AEW suspended Eddie Kingston following a backstage altercation between him and Sammy Guevara. The suspension has already been served, but plans for their All Out match remain in the air.

However, the drama and issues are not exclusive to the men on the roster. The women's division also reportedly have their problems as well.

The Heat

Britt Baker
Wikimedia | Righanred

A report from Voices of Wrestling indicated that current AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker DMD "can't stand each other." This has reportedly been the case for a year now.

The report was confirmed by Fightful Select, who added that Baker is not the only one who has issues with Rosa. Jamie Hayer, Baker's friend and tag team partner, also has heat with the AEW Women's Champion.

The issues between Hayer and Rosa stem from their title match at Battle Of The Belts III. Hayter's nose was broken during a spot in the match, and Rosa was reportedly nowhere to be found backstage immediately following the match.

According to Fanbyte, when Rosa finally did emerge, she tried to apologize. However, she then "locked herself in the bathroom" shortly thereafter.

A History

Thunder Rosa
Wikimedia | NiciVampireHeart

Allegations surrounding Rosa in and out of the ring aren't new. Just this year, there were allegations the AEW Women's Champion "sandbagged" Marina Shafir during their title match on Dynamite in June.

In pro wrestling, the term "sandbagging" refers to when a wrestler, whtheir opponent is liftingnt, intentionally makes themselves feel heavier as to affect how their opponent looks when doing their move.

Rosa denied the allegations. A few weeks later, she played into the allegations, wearing a new shirt with "Sandbagging since 2014."

Others have said Rosa's strikes can be very stiff in the ring. "She'll just beat the f--k out of people," one of Rosa's previous opponents told Fanbyte. "Her strikes are killing you."

A Brewing Storm

Toni Storm
Wikimedia | Hirondon

Despite the drama, Rosa was set to defend her title at All Out against former challenger turned tag partner, Toni Storm. However, Rosa suffered an undisclosed injur, forcinge her to miss the show.

The match at All Out was reportedly not supposed to go Rosa's way. Fightful reports that Toni Storm was set to win the Women's Title from Rosa, and leave the pay-per-view as the champion.

What's Next?

Hikaru Shida
Wikimedia | Yuzunet

AEW has announced a four-way match at All Out to crown an interim Women's Champion. The match will feature Storm, Baker, Hayter, and former Women's Champion Hikaru Shida.

The obvious plan would be to have Storm win and face Rosa for the title down the line. However, it's unclear if AEW will actually go ahead with Storm as interim champion.

The company could put the interim belt on Baker, who was the company's most successful women's champion. They could also put it on Hayter, and kick start a program between Baker and Hayter for the title.

Or, the company could put the belt back on Shida, a well respected veteran who is beloved by the audience everytime she's on screen.

What AEW will do is unknown. Only time will tell who will leave All Out as interim Women's Champion.

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