Petr Yan Is In A Good Spot To Beat Sean O'Malley

Petr Yan
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Petr Yan and Sean O'Malley are set to go at it, and unlike most other bouts, both of these guys have been somewhat calm with the trash talking they've done. Sure, O'Malley and Yan have both said things, but nothing has been too crazy just yet.

Sean O'Malley Believes He Can Win

Petr Yan
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Like every fighter in the world, Sean O'Malley believes he can win this fight.

"Every time I get into a fight, the goal is put him face first, knock him out. I want to get the finish, that's always the goal. Petr is one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world in my opinion. The dude's legitimate, real deal, No.1 contender. I'm going to go out there and do what I need to do to get the job done. But, ideally I'm putting him face first."

“I’m getting the fight that I wanted and the fight that the people want. In my eyes, Petr is the No. 1 contender right now. He’s pretty much 1-1 against Aljo … he could be considered the champion. … Going in there and stepping up against a guy like Petr is exciting, it’s motivating and it’s the biggest fight in the bantamweight division right now.”

Paddy Pimblett Likes Petr Yan In This One

Petr Yan
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Paddy Pimblett notes that even if Petr Yan was to beat O'Malley, it's not that big of a deal for Sean because of how good Yan is.

"As I said, though, it's a win-win. Because even if he [O'Malley] loses, everyone's going to be like 'Oh give him his due...'"

"I just think that really it's a win-win for him [O'Malley]. As long as he doesn't get knocked out, you know what I mean?... That's what I mean, he could [win], he's got that power, he can knock someone out..."

It Should Be An Exciting Fight

Petr Yan
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When looking at this fight and all of the hype around it, this should be one of the best fights we will see this year. Both are two of the best in the world and can win if they do their thing.

Who Will Win?

Petr Yan
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It would be tough to count out Petr Yan in this one. There's a reason why he's regarded as one of the best fighters in the world, and he should be able to show that in this one. O'Malley has a chance, but it's unlikely that he will win this one.

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