Nate Diaz Still Thinks A Trilogy Fight Against Conor McGregor Will Happen

Nate Diaz
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We have been hearing Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor chirping at each other for months now. Can both of these guys finally just fight each other? Please? Well, we might finally have our wish as Nate Diaz says a trilogy fight between him and McGregor is still in the works and is very well a possibility sometime in the near future.

Nate Diaz Talks About The Fight

Nate Diaz
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Diaz had the following to say on the likelihood of Diaz and Conor fighting.

“The timing’s not on right now,” Diaz told Inside Fighting. “We’ll worry about that later. It’s for sure going to happen at some point. … Yeah, at some point. He needs to get back on what he’s got to do, whatever that is. It’s like, when we match up, we’re going to match up. But we ain’t going nowhere.”

“This fight right here that I’ve got coming up is brought to you by Real Fight Inc,” Diaz said. “The UFC is obviously pushing their fighter on me – not with me, but against me. So this is the first real fight event that we’ve got is right now, right here.”

Is This The Fight Of The Year?

Conor McGregor
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Whenever this fight happens, it's definitely going to be one of the highest-selling fights of the entire year. These guys hate each other and people will be glued to their TV ready to watch them go at it.

McGregor Won't Have An Easy Task Beating Diaz

Conor McGregor
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Some MMA fighters have said in the past that it's no easy task to beat Nate Diaz and Michael Bisping reitarated that in a recent upload on his YouTube channel.

“You can’t count out Nate Diaz, let’s be honest,” “More than likely, Chimaev is going to be a gigantic favorite in this fight and I understand that but Nate Diaz has been in there with some of the best.

“The reality is, he’s lost a lot of fights. The 13 losses, it doesn’t sound good. That is almost like kind of getting to journeyman status which sounds offensive but I’m not [trying to be], the man’s been in there with the best of the best. When you look at the people that he lost to, they’re all champions. They’re all top of the food chain. If you’re gonna beat Nate Diaz, you have to be special. You can’t be some average guy, some average Joe, some guy that’s okay that’s had some success. You ain’t gonna beat Diaz like that.”

Who Will Win This Fight?

It's not going to be easy to determine who's going to win this fight. Both of these guys are two of the best in the world and for good reason. Personally, we can see Diaz taking this one.

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