Boxer Claims Ryan Garcia Is avoiding Isaac Cruz

Ryan Garcia
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A former boxer made some interesting comments about Ryan Garcia trying to avoid Isaac Cruz. On top of that, he also said that Tank Davis doesn't want to fight Cruz either.

Juan Manual Marquez's comments

Ryan Garcia
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Former boxer Juan Manuel Marquez gives a ton of praise to Isaac Cruz.

“He’s a great fighter with a lot of heart,”

“He’s not the most technical, but he hits hard. He gave Gervonta Davis a great fight. Gervonta Davis doesn’t want a rematch. He doesn’t even want to see a photo of him.

“Pitbull Cruz isn’t a pure boxer, but he has a lot of heart, and he delivers,” said Marquez. “I’d like to see him wait for the winner of Haney vs. Kambosos. He can be undisputed, and then why not fight Gervonta?

Marquez Doubles Down

Ryan Garcia
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Marquez continued with his statement, adding to the fact that Garcia doesn't want to fight Cruz.

“Nacho Beristain said Ryan Garcia beats the Crap out of Pitbull Cruz. Pitbull Cruz says Mexicans always hate Mexicans. I think the style that can trouble Ryan Garcia is Pitbull Cruz’s.

“It’s a rough style, undecipherable because Pitbull has a weird style. A style where you don’t know where the punches are coming from. A hook, he can hurt you. He has that style that Ryan Garcia doesn’t like. Coming in and out and letting his hands go.

“For me, it’s the style that can beat Ryan Garcia. Yeah, well, it’s showing that he’s avoiding Pitbull Cruz,” said Marquez when told that Cruz’s dad said Ryan moved up to 140 to avoid Pitbull.

Others Are Scared Of Cruz Too

Gervonta Davis
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It's not only Garcia that doesn't want to fight Cruz, according to Marquez. Gervonta Tank Davis also doesn't want to see him in the ring.

“I don’t think Gervonta wants it, but if they fight again, I think it’s going to be another tough fight for Gervonta. Pitbull, he has a good guard, he comes forward pressuring, and you know that Gervonta doesn’t like that,” Santa Cruz continued.

“It’s going to be a really, really close fight. He can beat him, but it’s going to be hard. Yeah, he is,” said Santa Cruz when asked if Pitbull Cruz could beat Tank Davis.

Is What He Said True?

Ryan Garcia
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Although Cruz is definitely an incredible boxer, saying that Gervonta and Garcia don't want to face him is a bit questionable. Both of those guys, especially Tank, are two of the best in the world for a reason and they will fight anyone.

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