Logan Paul Names Major WWE Name As Ideal Opponent

Logan Paul
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WWE made waves back when it was revealed the company signed YouTube sensation Logan Paul as an active competitor. Many felt it was WWE's way of further establishing themselves as a promotion focused on entertainment more than wrestling.

However, many in the WWE universe were shocked by Paul's performance in the ring. A good tag team showing at WrestleMania and an excellent SummerSlam performance against The Miz had the world talking.

Now, the YouTube megastar is aiming high for his next opponent. In a recent episode of his podcast, Paul named the man he most wants to face inside the squared circle.

"That's What I Do"

Paul recently held an episode of Impulsive, where he named Roman Reigns as the man he wants to wrestle in the ring. His reasoning? Facing the best is just his thing.

"When I watch [Roman Reigns] on TV and in the ring, I just wanna f***ing wrestle the guy," Paul said. "That's what I do ... I did it with Floyd Mayweather. My second opponent [in boxing] was Floyd f***ing Mayweather ... I love competing at the highest level as soon as I get into the thing."

Paul indeed faced Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match in June last year. The match ended in a no-decision. His previous opponent in boxing was fellow YouTube personality KSI. They boxed twice, with the first bout ending in a draw and their second bout ending with a KSI win.

"You're Not Gonna Like This"

The confident YouTube star didn't end at just declaring an interest in facing the Tribal Chief in the ring. He offered a very bold prediction as to how the bout would end.

"You're not gonna like this," Paul continued. "You put me against Roman Reigns right now; I think I win."

Paul's prediction definitely will turn a few heads. Some may see arrogance in a statement like this, while others see it as self-confidence. Regardless, beating Reigns in a match is no easy feat.

The Tribal Chief has held the WWE Universal Championship for a little over two years at this point. And he unified it with the WWE Championship back at WrestleMania. Reigns has beaten the likes of Brock Lesnar, Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, and John Cena during this run.

Reigns Responds

These comments made their way back to the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. Reigns was actually a guest on this episode of Paul's podcast but was not present when these comments were made.

"I bless the world and bring the Island of Relevancy to your show. You and your boys acknowledge me, and as soon as I'm gone, you run your mouth?!. Wiseman, handle him. @HeymanHustle," Reigns tweeted in response.

Will They Fight?

It's hard to see if these comments will manifest into a match. Paul is scheduled to appear on Friday's episode of SmackDown, which was not planned before this exchange. So, it is possible.

If the match (a) is for the championship and (b) ends with Paul victorious are separate matters. This match very well could be for the championship, but there is a kayfabe justification for Reigns refusing to put his title on the line.

As for Paul winning, it's tough to say. For all intents and purposes, he shouldn't. However, WWE made a few past creative decisions to shock the audience. The end of the Women's Tag Team Championship tournament is one example. The WWE could have Paul win a match against Reigns to shock the audience and establish Paul as a legitimate star.

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