Bayley Comments On Sasha Banks And Naomi Walking Out Of WWE

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Sasha Banks and Naomi were the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions in May. They were still the champions when they made the shocking decision to walk out of WWE later that month.

Since their walkout, the titles went on a hiatus before being brought back recently as part of a tournament. Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah won the titles in a surprising turn of events, only to lose the belts two weeks later to Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai.

The new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions are being led by multiple-time Women's Champion Bayley. Bayley has a number of accomplishments in the WWE. One of them being the first Women's Tag Team Champions with none other than Sasha Banks.

Outside of the ring, Bayley and Banks are great friends. And the Role Model of WWE is speaking about her friend's ventures since that infamous walkout all those months ago.

Thoughts On The Walkout

Bayley joined the In The Kliq podcast recently to discuss a variety of topics. Banks and Naomi's walkout was brought up, and the former Hugger said it was difficult to speak on it as she wasn't there when it went down.

“It’s hard to give any thoughts since I wasn’t personally there, you know? And no matter — even if I was there, no one’s going to understand their mindset, or minds, or understand whatever happened besides Sasha and Naomi. So like, it’s hard for me to give any type of insight on that, because I’m not really sure," Bayley said.

'They're Killing It'

Bayley did, however, express immense support for her friends. And according to the Role Model, Banks and Naomi are doing just fine outside of the ring.

"All I know is that what they’re doing now is killing it. I’ve been able to spend some time with them and they’re freakin — they’re models, they’re actresses, they’re singers, they’re amazing. And just, anywhere they go, no matter what they do, I support them and they’re going to take over everywhere, take over the world, whatever they want to do, they’re going to do great,” Bayley said.

New York Fashion Week

Banks and Naomi recently walked down the runway at New York Fashion Week. Bayley expressed her pride at the duo taking over the Big Apple on the runway.

“I was so nervous for them. I felt like a mom or something. You know, I’ve watched them win the Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, but it felt different watching them come out on that runway. And for such a big deal, and something that they both really wanted to do and felt passionate about — super proud of them, and it was so fun. I had a great time,” the Role Model said.

A Return?

Despite reports of an agreement between the former tag champions and WWE, they have not returned to the ring. And despite her love and pride for the duo, she issued a warning to them should they come back.

“If they ever do return, I’m just going to kick their ass. They might be scared to come back for me, you know? You might want to stay on the runway," Bayley said.

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