Jeff Mayweather Reveals Who He Thinks Would Win Between Ryan Garcia And Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis
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Gervonta Davis is arguably one of the best boxers out there. Recently, there have been rumors that he will be fighting Ryan Garcia. The fight hasn't been announced yet, but it's expected that the two of them will get in the ring sometime within the next year. Ryan Garcia is also an elite boxer, sitting at 23-0 with 19 KOs. Gervonta "Tank" Davis is currently 27-0 with an insane 25 KOs.

What Did Jeff Mayweather Say?

Former pro boxer Jeff Mayweather had a ton of great information to share about why he thinks Gervonta will come away with this fight against Garcia.

“I pick Gervonta all the way. I don’t think Ryan has a chance at all. Everybody that fought Tank is taller than him. That don’t mean nothing,” said Jeff when asked about Ryan’s size advantage over Gervonta.

“Tank has got something that everybody else don’t have, and that’s the equalizer. It ain’t nothing like Tank,” said Jeff about Ryan Garcia’s left hook.

He went on to say,

“No matter what anyone else does, Tank only needs one. He only has to hit you one time, and the fight is over. I haven’t seen Ryan do anything like that, and the last time I seen him, he didn’t look that good. Not to knock him or anything, but still, he didn’t look good. He hasn’t looked good in the last couple of fights I’ve seen. So, there’s no way I’m going to jump on his wagon. Gervonta, he’s proven himself over and over again, so I think he’s got the best chance of winning. I see it Ryan probably getting caught in between throwing punches. I think if Tank hits him, the fight is over with."

Ryan Wants To Retire At 26

Ryan Garcia is currently 24 years old and he has made it known previously that he wants to retire by the time he is 26 years old. That would be younger than most boxers, so only time will tell if he will follow through on that plan.

Who Would Win The Fight?

It is tough to say who is going to win the fight but just like Jeff Mayweather said, taking anyone besides Tank Davis would be impossible because he's constantly shown he can step up on the big stage.

Will The Fight Really Happen?

Fans will have to wait and see if this fight will actually happen as nothing is set in stone just yet. However, once confirmed, the fight is anticipated to be one of the biggest fights of the year.

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