Speculation Around Bray Wyatt WWE Return Grows Amid 'White Rabbit' Mystery

Bray Wyatt
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WWE made an immensely controversial decision back in July 2021. The company released "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, one of the most over in-ring performers in the world and considered by many as one of the greatest creative minds in the business.

Wyatt, for all the faults in his booking, accomplished a lot in WWE. He won the WWE Championship in 2017 and he was a two-time Universal Champion. Wyatt is also a two-time Tag Team Champion, holding both the RAW and SmackDown belts on one occasion each.

With significant changes in WWE's leadership structure being made earlier this year, many expected Wyatt to return to the company possibly. The company also thought their chances of bringing the 35-year-old star back increased.

Now, the return may be happening. And WWE is doing an incredibly interesting bit of promotion for the return.

White Rabbit

A few weeks back, very observant WWE fans caught a video of WWE playing "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane at live events. Eventually, this phenomenon made its way to RAW and SmackDown events, though the song was only played during commercial breaks.

At first, the song was played with the lights out. Fans in attendance lit up the arena with their phone screens as the song played, harkening back to the Wyatt Family days.

Then, the song was accompanied by red lighting. This is a callback to Wyatt's days as The Fiend. WWE began using red lighting whenever The Fiend had a match, which was a point of controversy at times.

Rabbit Hunt

Eventually, this mystery made its way to WWE TV. On the September 19 episode of RAW, a QR code was seen in the background of a few segments. Scanning the QR code led to a video of a white rabbit playing a game of hangman.

"Who killed the world?" was displayed above the game. The rabbit eventually figured out the answer to the question, which was "you did." Observant fans also noted that the first letters the rabbit guessed spelled the word "demon."

Clues continued on the 9/23 episode of SmackDown, which depicted a set of coordinates. Those coordinates were for Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This was the site of the following episode of RAW, where clues continued as well.

The Man Behind The Mystery

While many behind the scenes reportedly don't know who exactly is behind this mystery, those in the know believe this is all setting up a Bray Wyatt return, according to Fightful Select.

If this is the case, it seems as if the 35-year-old will return with a new gimmick. How the rabbit will play into it all remains unclear. A white rabbit did play into The Fiend gimmick, as it was a recurring character in Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse segments.

A Return Date

No official return date has been announced. An official return date likely won't be announced. However, Fightful provided a possible date for Wyatt's return.

Those in the know about the mystery "expect" the reveal to occur at WWE Extreme Rules. Extreme Rules takes place on October 8 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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