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The biggest news story of the year from the wrestling world occurred after AEW's All Out event went off the air. Then-AEW World Champion CM Punk went on a tirade at the company's media scrum, sending shots at Colt Cabana, "Hangman" Adam Page, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks.

Punk's comments at the media scrum led to a brawl between Punk and The Young Bucks. Punk's friend and trainer Ace Steel and Omega were reportedly involved. The situation led to AEW owner Tony Khan stripping Punk and The Elite of their titles, as well as handing down numerous suspensions.

Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer has covered the story since it began, and recently provided his thoughts on the whole ordeal.

Lingering Guilt

Meltzer was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc's Nick Hausman. Hausman himself was in the news regarding the media scrum, as Punk began his tirade by singling the reporter out.

Meltzer mentioned that he felt a bit of guilt regarding it all. This guilt stemmed from comments Punk made in an interview with Sports Illustrated about reports of his unhappiness going through Meltzer.

"I know the guy well enough that I probably should have — as soon as I saw that quote — go, 'Dude, it didn't happen. I can just tell you it didn't happen. Nothing close to that happened,'" Meltzer said. "But I didn't, and I'm not saying that that would've stopped any of this, because it probably still would've happened. But it's like, I sort of do feel guilty about that aspect of it."

Punk's Comments

Ahead of his AEW World Championship match against Jon Moxley at All Out, Punk spoke to Sports Illustrated. The interview covered an array of things, including rumors of Punk's unhappiness.

The former World Champion mentioned his belief that Meltzer was the center of these reports. “It’s one side of the story,” Punk said. “My locker room is never closed. It’s always open. Anybody who wants to DM Meltzer some bulls--- can come talk to me about it. It’s not macho, stupid bulls---. I’m an adult. Come talk with me.”

Meltzer's First Reaction

Meltzer was in attendance when Punk went on his rant to the media following All Out. Punk even acknowledged the reporter's presence as he spoke. Meltzer shared his reaction to the moment with Hausman.

"At first, I just thought it was Punk venting, and that's definitely all I thought. 'Oh he's venting and that's fine, whatever.' When he [said] 'Adam Page had never done anything in the business,' it was like [...] I don't like where this is going, because he just really insulted the entire company at that point," Meltzer said.

Punk's AEW Future

Punk is currently off AEW TV for two reasons. The first has nothing to do with this fight. He suffered a triceps injury during the match against Moxley and underwent surgery. The second reason is due to his suspension following the brawl.

The current rumor going around is that AEW is leaning towards a contract buyout with their former champion. Wade Keller of PWTorch made the original report, and Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez mentioned he heard something similar, but nothing was confirmed.

“I did hear Wade speculating about a buyout and let’s put it this way. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised but nobody, nobody, nobody is talking right now. So everything is speculation. Nobody is saying anything," Alvarez said.

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