Tony Khan Comments On AEW's Growing Video Library

Tony Khan
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A major ask of AEW fans in recent years has been the ability to stream the company's content. Unlike WWE, no catalog of AEW shows on the internet is available to stream in the US. You can watch clips of their TV shows on AEW's official YouTube channel, but you cannot watch full shows.

Internationally, you can stream AEW's content through FITE TV. AEW Plus offers a full catalog of Dark and Elevation shows and Dynamite and Rampage live broadcasts in most countries.

When AEW owner Tony Khan bought Ring of Honor (ROH), many expected a streaming service to follow. Especially given that the sale included the purchase of ROH's vast video library.

However, a streaming deal has not come together for AEW. With their television deal coming up soon, Khan has spoken a bit more about the video library and a potential streaming deal.

The Current Situation

Khan joined Robbie Fox for an interview on "My Mom's Basement." During this interview, Khan mentioned that he is trying to make AEW programming available in the best possible way for fans.

“I’m going to continue to work to make sure that the great library we’re building is available to the fans in the best possible way. Just getting it available would be a really good start. It would be very easy to just slap them all up there," Khan said.

Never Seen Before

Khan mentioned during the interview that AEW's library actually contains programming that has never been seen before. He specifically mentioned an event called House Always Wins 2021. It was a house show ran by the company, but Khan raved about its quality.

“I got other stuff that people have never seen. For example, a great wrestling show that I’m sitting on that’s a pay per view that nobody’s ever seen is the House Always Wins 2021. It is an awesome show. People came out and were like, ‘That is a pay per view.’ Well, we actually did it with a commentary," Khan said.

"I guess a good thing to consider it to, would be like, I told the people there this is like an ECW arena show because it’s like a tape that eventually people will see and you all are seeing it like a house show but we are recording this with commentary. Tony Schiavone was on commentary and we had a great thing going.”

A Great Show

Khan spoke more about House Always Wins 2021 and mentioned the contributions of one Eddie Kingston. "The Mad King" worked double duty that night, commenting on the show's first half and wrestling in the second half.

“The first half of the show Eddie Kingston did, and then Eddie went out and wrestled the second half. Then also in the first half of the show there was a Battle Royal, and the winner of the Battle Royal wrestled Darby at the end of the show, Then I told the crowd that I’ve got two people in the Battle Royal picked out to do commentary in the second half while Eddie wrestled because we had a small crew," Khan said.

"There’s a wild ending and a bunch of great matches, a lot of the biggest stars in AEW, and it’s really fun with some great matches."

Great Assets

House Always Wins 2021 is not the only never-before-seen show sitting in the vault. Khan says other goodies are waiting to be released, but he's holding onto them because they're great assets to have in negotiations.

"That’s in the library. It’s cool. The Jericho cruise shows are in the library. There are some other really fun things that we’ve never released and shows that I’m just saying, ‘Hey, I’m gonna hold these because I think they are great assets,’” Khan said.

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