Bray Wyatt Makes WWE Return At Extreme Rules

Bray Wyatt
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WWE's longest-running mystery finally has an answer. At the end of their Extreme Rules premium live event, we finally found out who was behind the White Rabbit teases.

Weeks of speculation and rumors culminated in the return of Bray Wyatt to WWE. It marked the superstar's first WWE appearance since April 2021.

Wyatt's return was much anticipated over the last few weeks. He was one of the company's most popular superstars, and one of their best merch sellers.

The Return

After the main event of Extreme Rules, the special guest referee raised the hand of the winner, Matt Riddle. He had just defeated Seth "Freakin" Rollins in a Fight Pit match, blowing off their extremely personal and lengthy feud.

The lights went out, and the crowd began using their cellphones as light, harkening back to the Wyatt Family days. A voice began singing "he's got the whole world in his hands" as the camera panned to various figures in the audience.

Each figure represented a character from Wyatt's past. Mercy The Buzzard, Rambling Rabbit, etc. Eventually, the camera panned to a burned Fiend mask on the commentary desk. And someone wearing a Fiend mask was shown in the crowd.

A video popped up on the titantron as the Firefly Funhouse song played distortedly. A man in a white mask came on the screen asking "who killed the world?" The man said "you did" before the screen cut to black.

A doorway appeared at the top of the entrance ramp. The same masked man from earlier walked out, carrying a lantern. The man took the mask off, revealing himself as Wyatt and blowing out the light on the lantern as the show ended.

Main Event Plans

The Fight Pit match was the match that ended the show, however, that wasn't always the plan. WWE weighed their options for which match would eventually close out the show.

WWE debated internally between the Fight Pit match or the RAW Women's Championship Ladder Match to close the show. The Fight Pit obviously won out. Bianca Belair retained her title over Bayley earlier in the show.

Wyatt's First Comments

Prior to his return, Wyatt took advantage of the attention on him for a really great cause. The returning superstar shared a GoFundMe link for the memorial of Sara Lee, a former Tough Enough winner who sadly passed away at the age of 30 recently.

After his return, Wyatt shared a video from Twitter user Wayne Bumpass. The video depicted Bumpass's daughter excitedly reacting to Wyatt's return. In response to this video, Wyatt said "This is why. I missed you too. All of you."

Wrestling Reacts

The entire wrestling world seemed to go into a frenzy because of Wyatt's return. The terms "He's Back," "Bray," and "White Rabbit" trended for hours on Twitter.

Many WWE stars took to Twitter with their reactions. The most notable being former on-screen ally Alexa Bliss, who wrote "Hello, old friend."

The reactions spilled outside of the WWE circle. AEW star Matt Hardy responded with a gif of him and Wyatt embracing from their time as a tag team in WWE. He captioned the gif "ALWAYS."

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