Jake Paul Calls Out Nate Diaz To Fight Him In The Ring

Jake Paul
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Jake Paul once again tasted victory in a boxing ring. The social media star turned boxer took on former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva on Saturday night. He took home the victory in the eighth round.

Paul took time following the bout to give praise to his opponent on Saturday, as well as speak about his future in the sport. However, that was not all he had on his mind following the bout.

Paul took the opportunity to call out a former UFC star who just so happened to be in attendance for the event on Saturday.

'He's A B***h'

Paul called out former UFC star Nate Diaz following his victory Saturday night. The former YouTube star lashed out at Diaz for causing trouble at the event as well.

“I want Nate Diaz, he's a b***h,” Paul said. “He tried to come into my locker room. He tried to cause some sh*t and then he always leaves the f*****g arena. So Nate Diaz, stop being a b***h and fight me. Everyone wants that fight, he tried to fight [my] people in the hallway. Nate, stop fighting people for free, let's do it in the ring."

Kicked Out

Sure enough, there was some drama involving Diaz at the event on Saturday. The former UFC star was attending the event in support of teammate Chris Avila, who was fighting on the card.

Avila won his match against "Doctor Mike" Varshavski. And the Phoenix, Arizona crowd seemed in favor of Diaz's presence, cheering him when he was shown on screen.

After Avila's fight, videos began circulating of a scuffle between members of Paul's team and Diaz. One clip showed Diaz slapping one of Paul's coaches before walking away. Another clip shows Diaz and his team being ushered away by security as Avila threw something in the direction of Paul's team.

Diaz was escorted to the arena floor and took pictures with fans. Eventually, the MMA star was escorted out of the arena.

Paul's Future

No one knows whether a fight between Paul and Diaz will come to fruition. However, we do know what Paul's immediate future may hold.

As a result of a bet between Paul and Silva, the two will now team up to create an association for MMA fighters in order to get them better pay and better healthcare.

"Now we're gonna band together and create a united fighters association to help UFC fighters, all MMA fighters and boxers to get more pay and long-term healthcare," Paul said. "That's a big undertaking that I've been wanting to do since the beginning of my career."

Paul's End Goal

Paul shared his desire to keep boxing. He doesn't want to simply keep boxing, though. He has aspirations of becoming a world champion in the sport.

"This definitely moves me in that direction," Paul said. "[Silva] is insanely tough. Insanely tough. It's just great experience under my belt. And like I said, it's only been 2½ years. Who knows what I can accomplish? I know, but I'll let you guys find out."

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