More Details Emerge Following CM Punk-The Elite 'Melee'

Tony Khan
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AEW held their biggest show of the year on Sunday night. All Out emanated from Chicago, Illinois, and featured an insane 15-match card.

However, no one in the wrestling world is talking about wrestling itself. Everyone's focus is on what took place after the pay-per-view went off the air.

New AEW World Champion CM Punk took the podium at the company's media scrum. What ensued was an explicit tirade against former friend Colt Cabana, The Elite, and "Hangman" Adam Page. This tirade led to a backstage "melee" between Punk, The Elite, and Punk's trainer Ace Steel.

In the past couple of days, we have learned more about the altercation through various reports making the rounds.

What Went Down

Kenny Omega
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Following Punk's portion of the media scrum, he went back to his locker room, according to PWInsider. At some point, The Elite confronted Punk about his comments regarding them when Punk threw a punch toward Matt Jackson.

Fightful Select (subscription required) confirmed that Punk and the Young Bucks got into it physically. Omega and Steel got into their own altercation separate from Punk.

Fightful also reports that Steel "shoot cracked Nick Jackson with a chair" and "is lucky to not be in jail," according to a source of theirs. Steel is also said to have bitten Omega, and pulled his hair.

Security was called as "a number" of people attempted to break up the brawl. Footage from inside the media room caught a security guard running out of the room after Punk's portion was finished.

After a "very long" altercation, the two sides continued yelling and cursing back and forth until The Elite left the area.

CM Punk's Side

CM Punk
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Fightful sought out people who were close to Punk and Steel to figure out their side of this story. And they found out a bit more regarding their side of it all.

A source close to Punk and Steel told Fightful that the Young Bucks "kicked the door down" to CM Punk's locker room. This source also claims that Matt Jackson swung at Punk first, but missed, and Punk retaliated. It remains unclear who swung first at this stage.

Nick Jackson, this source told Fightful, was "taking it all in" when the first punch was thrown. Steel and Omega forced their way into the room once the fight kicked off.

It's rumored that Steel's wife was in the room at the time, tending to Punk's dog. This is what set Steel off, according to those closest to him. Omega was not entirely upset or angry until his interactions with Steel.

WWE Reacts

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The news quickly spread outside of AEW. A few journalists in the wrestling industry noted that talent within WWE reached out to figure out what went down.

Three WWE talents told Fightful they did not believe this situation was a work. Furthermore, one talent noted the Punk they knew years ago was highlighted during this incident.

Many within WWE expressed surprise that AEW owner Tony Khan allowed things to get as far as they did. Numerous talents, including those who worked with Punk on FOX, called the AEW World Champion "selfish and arrogant."

A top WWE name said the company needs to figure out how to turn this into a work. If they can't make good business out of this, the name told Fightful "none of them have business talking about drawing houses or losing fans or interest."

Potential Repercussions

Tony Khan
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No official word on any potential repercussions has been made as of this writing. However, rumor has it a statement could be made prior to Wednesday's episode of Dynamite.

Fightful did share that many believe Steel will not be welcomed back to the company following his part in the altercation. Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reports there are suspensions stemming from this fight, though there is no word on if this will be the final punishment dished out.

Fightful reports that many AEW talent believe Punk either has to be let go or make "major amends" to remain in the company.

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