More Details Emerge On Issues Within AEW Women's Division

Toni Storm
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AEW All Out 2022 saw a proverbial powder keg explode backstage. CM Punk, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Ace Steel were all involved in a brawl. A brawl so severe that numerous suspensions were handed out and two of the company's top championships were vacated.

However, the men weren't the only ones raising eyebrows with their words at the pay-per-view. The women's division also seemed to air some dirty laundry, albeit in a much more subtle and less confrontational way.

In the fallout from All Out, we're learning more about the issues within the AEW women's division, and what's really going on.

The Media Scrum

During the All Out pay-per-view, an Interim AEW Women's World Champion needed to be crowned. The lineal champion, Thunder Rosa, had to bow out of the show due to an injury.

The Interim Championship was decided in a four-way match. The winner was Toni Storm, who was initially scheduled to face (and defeat) Rosa at the show.

The new interim AEW Women's World Champion took to the podium at the now infamous media scrum following the show. During her portion, she seemed to indicate some skepticism surrounding Rosa's injury.

“It’s not ideal, but Thunder Rosa says she’s injured. Okay. When she says she’s not injured, she can come back and lose to me. That’ll be the end of that. Yeah, that’ll be that,” Storm said.

Furthermore, she commented on her on-screen alliance with the lineal champion.

“It’s kind of awkward because while this has been all going on, me and Thunder have formed kind of a friendship and we’ve formed quite a nice team, but I guess I want her to know that I’m not just going to sit in her corner and cheer for her and be her little friend. I came here to win championships. I didn’t come here to make friends. I’ll be cool and civil, but when she comes back, I’m going to whoop her ass," she said.

Backstage Opinion

Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer shared some more thoughts on the situation regarding Rosa, Storm, and the rest of the women's division. He shared that many backstage are a bit skeptical about the severity of the lineal champion's injury.

"The women’s side of the promotion, while not as explosive as the men this past week, did have divisive issues regarding Rosa before the injury and even more after because she didn’t drop it in the ring before taking the time off," he said.

"There was a lot of division among many of the women and Rosa, basically the ones who made public comments that insinuated her injury wasn’t that bad or those who privately felt due to the timing of her saying her injury was serious and she’d need time off after being told she was dropping the title to Toni Storm."

Is It Legit?

Meltzer reiterated that Rosa's injury is a legitimate injury. However, he provided a bit of a perspective as to why the women's division may feel the way they do.

"She does really have a back injury, that much is confirmed. As noted before, it is an injury that many people would have worked with to drop the title in the ring, and a doctor would likely tell them they wouldn’t be smart working on it. So you can see the mindset of the women who have said what they have said publicly like Storm and Britt Baker and how that has led to issues here," he said.

Previous Issues

Issues around the AEW Women's division are nothing new. Reports surfaced before the All Out pay-per-view that Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD "can't stand each other."

The lineal Women's Champion also reportedly has issues with Baker's friend, Jamie Hayter. Those issues stem from their title bout at Battle Of The Belts III. Hayter's nose was broken during a dropkick, and the champion reportedly locked herself in a bathroom after the match.

Whether these issues play into the eventual match between Storm and Rosa down the line, only time will tell.

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