Logan Paul To Challenge Roman Reigns At WWE Crown Jewel

Roman Reigns
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WWE has held a lot of shows across its long history of being. However, none are as controversial as the Crown Jewel event held every year in Saudi Arabia.

Despite some backlash regarding the location choice, the shows have gone on. And 2022 is not an exception to that rule. Crown Jewel will take place on November 5 from the city of Riyadh.

WWE announced a huge match set to main event the show, as well. WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns will defend his titles against YouTube sensation and WWE newcomer Logan Paul.

Like No Other

WWE held a press conference last weekend to announce the match. It comes on the heels of comments made by Paul on a recent episode of his podcast.

WWE's head of creative Triple H decided to strike while the iron is hot. The Tribal Chief against one of WWE's best celebrity performers. And according to The Game, the match will be something special.

"It will be a match like no other, it will be a spectacle like no other," Triple H said.

'God Mode'

One of Reigns' big mantras over the last two years has been this idea of God Mode. Greatness on a different level, as he says. On November 5, Reigns has a chance to show an extended audience what exactly that means.

"This man (Paul) has over 30 million followers and what he's doing now is bringing them to your 'Tribal Chief,'" said Reigns. "You can be third match on any card [...] but the fact that you want to step up to the main event [...] in Saudi Arabia, I'm going to show you what God Mode really looks like."

Respect Earned

Many fans have been wowed by Paul's two performances inside a WWE ring. However, the fans aren't the only ones who are impressed. Triple H himself is singing the praises of the YouTube sensation.

"I can tell you this, everything he's done in the short period he's been with us, he's earned my respect, and I don't give that easily," said Triple H. "He's only had a few matches but he's blown me away."

Why It's Happening

Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer recently shared some insight as to why exactly WWE is doing this match. Simply put, it goes back to the Saudi involvement in the show.

"[Logan Paul is] a big deal in Saudi Arabia," Meltzer stated. "He's a big deal to the Saudi Arabian prince, and that's the whole thing of these shows."

"Tickets in Saudi Arabia mean nothing. It's not even part of the game. Of course, TV numbers, whatever. If [Paul] draws younger viewers, that's good, but it's not a play for TV ratings. It is a play because the prince wants celebrity fights in Saudi Arabia to build the name in the media of Saudi Arabia, and Logan Paul will get more of the type of press that Saudi Arabia is looking for than Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins."

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