Therapist Of Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Reveals Crazy Stories About Him

Mike Tyson
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Arguably the greatest boxer of all time in Mike Tyson had one of the coolest episodes of his show 'Hotboxin with Mike Tyson' recently. Mike allowed his therapist to be on the show and what the therapist revealed about him is certainly interesting.

Mike Tyson's Therapist

Mike Tyson
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Mike Tyson's therapist revealed some of the crazy moments that he had to deal with surrounding Mike. He even noted that he wanted to kill anyone that stepped foot in the ring with him.

“You could pay him a compliment, he want to kill you for it. It’s too painful sometimes to feel that intimacy, to feel that love, to feel that care. And just wants to be left alone, and what he just did that we’ve had many versions of that, and he had to learn how not to run away and face that. Because he knows better than anybody, he’s talked about the greatest enemy. The greatest fight he’s ever had is his mind.”

Mike Reveals Things That Help Him

Mike Tyson
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Mike says he has a few ways to deal with his mental health.

“You wouldn’t like me. You wouldn’t be sitting here talking to me if I didn’t have my weed and my mushrooms, and all my stuff. It wouldn’t be a flap and be really scary wouldn’t be nice and stuff. That’s why I love mushrooms and stuff because I’m happy and I love everybody.”

That Attitude Made Him The Best

Mike Tyson
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With everything that Mike Tyson has had to go through throughout his career, it's easy to see why he's one of the best that's ever laced them up. When he goes in the ring, everybody is terrified of him and that's for good reason.

His job out there is to hurt his opponent as much as he can and come away with the win. What his therapist revealed is certainly interesting, but it shouldn't be too surprising considering that we know the type of person Mike Tyson is and how much of a competitor he truly is.

The Greatest To Ever Do It

Mike Tyson
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There are obviously a few other boxers that we can compare Mike Tyson to, but saying that he isn't at least one of the top three greatest boxers of all time would be a disservice to him. He's a winner and he's done exactly that throughout his entire career.

It's tough to not be able to watch him anymore, but his legacy is certainly going to live on forever. He's done a few great things throughout his life outside of boxing and he needs to get memorized for things like that as well.

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