Logan Paul Calls Out WWE Legend

Logan Paul
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Logan Paul recently signed a deal with the WWE that will allow him to wrestle in a few events this year. It's certainly a great idea from the WWE standpoint to get somebody like Logan Paul in the ring because he's one of the best entertainers and has a huge following with the younger generation. From a marketing standpoint, this is one of the few smart things that the WWE has done in the past few years. If Paul is going to continue doing the things that he does, this is a match made in heaven for both sides.

Recently, Logan Paul took to Twitter and dropped a video directed toward The Miz, stating that he never wants to be his partner.

The Miz And Logan Paul Are Going At It

Logan Paul
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What Logan Paul said was certainly interesting and something that we're going to have to think about. He noted that when he signed with the WWE, he said he never wanted to fight with him during his time in the sport.

'I'm Coming For You'

Logan Paul
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This could also be another marketing tactic from the WWE since they're probably the best out of any professional sport at doing that.

"Miz, I don't know what to tell you, man. I'm not confused about what I said and I'm definitely not going to change my mind based on what The Miz said. I don't want to be your partner. I don't want anything to do with you. In fact, I said it when I signed my WWE contract and I'll say it again now so you can read my lips, I'm coming for you Miz, at SummerSlam, understand?"

Will Logan Paul And The Miz Wrestle Together?

The Miz in burgundy suit
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From the looks of things right now, it would be unlikely if The Miz and Logan Paul do end up wrestling together. One thing that the WWE could be doing is using this as a marketing tactic and allowing them to wrestle together sometime in the near future. This could also be a great idea from the WWE standpoint if they do allow them to wrestle against each other.

Logan Paul's Debut

Logan Paul from the back in blue shirt
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Considering that both of them are going to be two of the biggest names in the sport, it would be something that would certainly sell plenty of tickets and the viewing would be high. It's going to be interesting to see what position the WWE puts Logan Paul in, but it's certainly going to be from an entertainment standpoint.

Only time will tell, but Logan Paul should be making his debut sometime soon.

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