Some Believe Nate Diaz Could Beat Khamzat Chimaev At UFC 279

Nate Diaz
Wikimedia | The RedBurn

Nate Diaz and Khamzat Chimaev are going to be going at it in what should be one of the most exciting fights of the year. These two guys have made it clear for some time now that they clearly don't like each other and the tensions have been flying.

Vicente Luque Likes Diaz In This Fight

Vicente Luque
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Vicente Luque said that he wouldn't count Nate Diaz out to potentially win this fight:

“Because of [Chimaev’s] hype, I do think the UFC wants him to fight for the belt if he beats Nate,” Luque explained. “When you look at all the hype and the way the UFC’ has been building him up, I put him as the favorite. However, it’s a fight that might get complicated for him if it goes to the second, third round and so on. If Chimaev gets tired, Nate might pick up the pace and surprise everybody.”

Chimaev Continues To Talk Mess

Khamzat Chimaev
Wikimedia | Kent Bargo

Chimaev doesn't think that Nate Diaz has a chance in this one. He's always going to talk his mess and that didn't change.

“Actually, I don’t need to fight that guy. I fight the guy just for fun,” Chimaev said during a recent interview. “I was a kid when he was fighting. I could wait for the title ... I took that fight, that guy is not top, but he’s famous. Everyone loves him, everyone talk about this gangster. I eat gangsters for the breakfast. I’m gonna f**k that guy (up).”

Daniel Cormier Questions If This Makes Chimaev A Champion If He Wins

Nate Diaz
Wikimedia | TBMNY

If Chimaev beats Nate Diaz, Cormier says he might have to fight someone else for the title:

“That leads to the question: What is this fight for? I feel like for Diaz, this fight’s for legacy. I feel like for Chimaev, this is just another scalp on his resume, because I don’t know if this win necessarily puts him closer than he already is to a championship fight.

“And, because of the result last weekend, he’ll need one more. I just wonder who that one more is going to come against. If he beats Diaz, does he get Covington next?”

Who's Going To Win The Fight?

Nate Diaz
Wikimedia | DTH89

This fight is going to be difficult to predict because of all the success both of these guys have found throughout their careers. Right now, it seems possible that Chimaev is going to be able to take Diaz down, but it should be an exciting match.

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