WWE's Pat McAfee Comments On Show Leaving SiriusXM

Pat McAfee
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Pat McAfee has become one of the most prominent personalities in the media world. His "Pat McAfee Show" is watched by millions across the world and provides a lot of great insight and entertainment.

The former NFL punter has branched out past football as well. He signed with WWE a few years ago, initially as a pundit and commentator. He eventually made his way in the ring as a competitor and gave a performance against Adam Cole that wowed fans.

McAfee's show made some news recently, as it was apparently dropped by SiriusXM. The SmackDown commentator has opened up about the news in an interview with the New York Post.

No Significant Changes

McAfee says that the partnership with SiriusXM did nothing more than allow the show to be broadcast on its platform. There aren't going to be any major changes in the wake of this news.

“Sirius doesn’t provide any information on who/if anybody listens, so all of our business agreements with our other fantastic partners has been done strictly off of our YouTube and social media presences so it legitimately affects nothing other than we won’t be able to be listened to by whomever was potentially listening on SiriusXM,” McAfee told The Post.

Grateful For Support

Many of McAfee's fans and listeners spoke out in support of his show following the news. McAfee has noticed this, and the SmackDown commentator is thankful for the support.

“I have heard from some of our Sirius Listeners today on Social and in our YouTube comments, I’m very grateful for those that listened to us on XM. I took a lot of pride in being a host who could hopefully paint a picture for those who couldn’t watch what was happening," he said.

"I have no clue how many folks listened on Sirius but I appreciate them all for taking a chance on us. We’ll continue to move forward and hopefully continue creating a product worth consuming.”

A Famous Guest

McAfee's show is most likely known for its most famous guest. McAfee is good friends with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and has him on rather regularly.

It led to some rather controversial moments last season, particularly regarding the signal-caller's views on the COVID-19 vaccine. Rodgers mentioned that he was not vaccinated and seemed to try and take a centrist viewpoint on the matter.

"I don't want to be a politicized person," Rodgers said on the show in January. "I don't want my views bolstering the anti-vaxxers and triggering the vaxxed people. I want to be somebody who has an opinion, who shares it, who does research, but who is also open to hearing both sides."

Looking Forward

McAfee's show is wildly successful, regardless of any controversy. He just signed an extension with WWE not too long ago that will see him continue his work there. His show also signed a huge $120 million sponsorship deal with FanDuel.

McAfee has a lot going for him and is excited for the future. “Find where you’re celebrated… not where you’re tolerated,” McAfee tweeted. “Makes life A LOT more fulfilling.”

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